We provide process-oriented manufacturing services dedicated to the space industry. Our goal is to deliver the highest quality products which are intended to be launched to space and work in space environment. The service consists of four main steps: feasibility study & quotation, manufacturing process definition, manufacturing and delivery.

Feasibility study & quotation

We need to understand the purpose of the components you want us to manufacture. This is the key to help you:

  • reduce the final price
  • improve the quality of the final product
  • manage the lead time
  • optimize the design and the manufacturing process to meet your needs

Our company has implemented the manufacturing service process in order to provide the highest quality of our services and products. The diagram presents the high-level process for the service in a simplified form.

Every time you ask for a quotation, we prepare a feasibility study. Our goal is to give you exactly what you want. Thus, we need to choose the right manufacturing methods to manufacture your components. Furthermore, we need to understand what the purpose of the component we work on is. It’s our job and business to find the best way to process your order and deliver what you want.

The manufacturing service we provide is process-oriented. We want to be able to repeat the same manufacturing process if you decide to replicate the components in the future. We focus on low-volume orders. However, higher volume orders are also possible.

Manufacturing process definition

The manufacturing process definition is a detailed design of the process which we execute in our workshops. We take all the information you deliver and the feasibility study report. Thus, we are able to choose the best manufacturing techniques and adjust them to meet your requirements and needs.

We also offer the optimization service. The feasibility study phase shows us and you the areas for improvements. We can suggest you how to optimize your design, which will have an impact on the manufacturing process. As some extra steps could be time consuming we do our best to cut the steps which are not strictly necessary.

We are able to optimize the design in many ways. Sometimes it might be just the introduction of small changes, like unification of dimensions of internal corners. Even small changes in the design have significant impact on the manufacturing process (see the diagram). Other possible changes could be done when the new design approach is introduced. In this way, we can suggest or design the new component which has exactly the same features and functions as yours. However, in the end it will be optimized for the manufacturing purposes.


The manufacturing stage is the time when we execute our manufacturing process. We choose the right manufacturing techniques and tools.

We have access to many manufacturing techniques. Most of them are available “in-house”. Some of them are provided by our partners.

MURB Space has a strategic partnership with the Lean Systems company which provides the manufacturing facilities and manufactures what we need. Our close cooperation enables us to be ahead of the competitors. The short decision-making process allows us to execute the manufacturing process in an agile way. We also cooperate with other vendors, that’s why we have access to many manufacturing techniques.

Once we start manufacturing the components we perform multiple-level verification of the dimensions and quality. If and only if we are sure that the manufactured components meet your requirements, we deliver them to you.


Once we finish the manufacturing part, and we confirm that the properties of the manufactured parts are met, we are ready to deliver the order to you. The order can be delivered by us personally or we can ship it to you. We do our best to deliver you the order as quickly as possible. We always look for feedback and your opinion on the final results.