Business Development

Wondering what to do with your technologies? Or maybe you are about to begin cooperation with a new partner? We can help you build your business, speed up development and save time and resources. Let us tell you what we can offer and how our experience and to-date achievements can help you.


Everything begins with an idea. The “idea” gives foundation for the future activities and business which we – together – may undertake. We can help you build the idea, plant it and take care of it until it is ready for further development. The growth of the idea is just the beginning.

We are able to get the best from the different worlds – space, IT, manufacturing, automation and more. We invent ideas. No matter what kind of technology or application you think of – it inspires us to surprise you.

Business Engagement

Our engagement in the development of the idea and further implementation is enormous. We tackle difficult cases, challenge the idea and provide solutions. We want to provide added-value and be part of your project – our team means YOU and US.

We understand business processes and specific behaviors of customers on high-tech markets. We are customers too, and we want to get what we want. Thus, we want to give what customers need. That means – we want to provide ultimate solutions for both sides.


The development phase is the right time to do some engineering. We understand the user’s needs and we know how to run the project to meet the requirements. The details of your idea have to be processed here and we want to be part of the process when our experience plays an important role to achieve the goal.

Our involvement in the project is interdisciplinary. We use our knowledge and skills in the whole project. We can manage the whole or part of the project, analyze and define requirements, work on the system architecture, optimize the processes and more! You may consider another service we provide – the bespoke development.

Successful story

The idea turned into a product or a service. Or both. But this is not the end of this story. The story just begins when the final outcome is born to provide a value – it has to be maintained and justified to meet changing requirements and expectations.

We can help you to foresee changes in the market and in user requirements and expectations. What’s the most important – after the whole process from the idea to the successful story – we want to help you to boost your success story and work on new challenges.