Bespoke development

Bespoke Development

“What you need is what you get”

Our motto says more than we could ever tell you about our service. We design and develop custom solutions you need. We provide our service for the following industries: space, IT, manufacturing and automation.

The bespoke development service merges various technologies, skills and knowledge. From an idea, through a feasibility study, a development phase, to a utilization and disposal phases. From the soft skills, through analyses to design – we tackle difficult cases and make the best solutions. Our areas of expertise are:


Our experience

Our experience covers management, engineering and business activities. We know how to merge these different worlds together and how to combine knowledge and skills to rich the goal. We have experience in redefining ideas which were then turned into business projects. And also the other way around: bringing business ideas to engineers and creating amazing projects.

Space industry

We have created or co-authored several proposals to the European Space Agency and other organizations which fund R&D and scientific projects. Our role was to invent ideas, analyze them and describe them according to the specific requirements. Most of the proposals were focused on satellite data applications which merged Earth observation data and data processing. The ideas were multidisciplinary and it was necessary to analyze different aspects of the ideas to push them to make the real projects.

Another type of development we provide is to design and manufacture devices for the purpose of the project we participate in. Whenever we participate in the project (and no matter what role we play there), we can give you added value. Thus, we are able to design a new thing, manage the documentation or even make professional photographs of your product!

We also tailor the ECSS (European Cooperation for Space Standardization) standards to your project!

IT industry

Our broad experience in the implementation of IT solutions in the telecommunications industry lets us be confident that we can tackle even the most difficult cases. We used to work on work force management systems as well as service quality management systems.

The telecommunications industry is very demanding and requires top quality services and products. We have experience in providing services to one of the global leaders in the IT solutions dedicated to the telecommunications industry. Our activity in the telecommunications industry can be divided into two areas: analyses and implementation. Our role was to analyze and optimize business requirements and processes, describing them and creating the list of requirements for the development team. We also managed the implementation process and the implementation team. Both activities were done in the customers’ premises.

Our experience in the IT industry is not limited to the telecommunications industry. We were involved in space projects on various levels.

Manufacturing and automation

The bespoke development service dedicated to the manufacturing industry focuses on two aspects: process optimization and automation. We incorporate solutions used in other industries (for example: the telecommunications industry) to the manufacturing industry. Furthermore, our experience and knowledge of the space industry puts us in the privileged position in terms of the safety and quality requirements. We can invent dedicated solutions which can reduce costs and help you overtake your competitors.

Requirements definition

“Requirements definition” plays a very important role in the project development. We support you in making a valuable and properly defined list of requirements which are supported by relevant user stories.

Depending on a project – we define requirements according to IT standards and best practices or those defined in the ECSS. We challenge the requirements against your budget, project goals, assumptions, and much more! We take the best things from the different worlds – space technologies and IT. Our experience and knowledge gained in space projects and telecommunication projects let us be ahead of our competitors and give you the best of the two different worlds. We know how to tackle difficult cases and let you define the high-level design of the project and transform it to the sophisticated requirements which can be implemented in further development stages.

Process definition

The process-oriented approach is the key to success. We believe that the process implementation can be affordable. There are many ways how to implement the process. There are even more areas for improvements. We analyze the process you have and find areas where it can be optimized. We focus on the decision-making processes and the relations between the nodes in your systems.