The 3D MGSE was invented as a tool to optimize the assembly process of the satellites. It is dedicated to integrators of small satellites who want to improve the assembly processes and produce satellites quicker than ever before.

Any manual activity with the satellite has to be done with care. But it consumes time and resources due to required repeated activities like reporting and safety procedures included in the original process. Implementation of the appropriate tool may help to reduce steps as well as the effort and required resources needed to achieve the goal.

The 3D MGSE allows to fulfill safety and quality requirements, as well as saves time and money by reducing the number of manual activities.

3D MGSE – introduction

3D MGSE - how does it work?

How does it work?

  • The 3D MGSE lets you rotate your satellite in 3 axes.
  • Each axis has a locking mechanism.
  • The adapter can be customized to meet your requirements. For example: to give access to a payload.
  • The custom designed adapters can be replaced with the new one to let you work on another mission.
  • You can install your satellite without any tool (optional).
  • It is possible to exchange data with your satellite, as well as supply it with electrical power.
  • A flat-sat test campaign can be (at least partially) performed when the satellite is being assembled.

Watch the video which presents the 3D MGSE in action:

3D MGSE in action (disclaimer: the video presents the demonstration unit of the 3D MGSE designed to host 6U CubeSat. Your 3D MGSE may be different than the one presented in the video).

Main features

  • The 3D MGSE has a modular design.
  • 3 Degrees of Freedom is a standard feature.
  • The custom mounting holes let you use other support equipment.
  • The custom designed adapter lets you mount your satellite the way you want to the 3D MGSE.
  • Sensors give you information about the attitude of your satellite.
  • The interface lets you connect your satellite and sensors to the EGSE.
  • Tool-free mount of a satellite is an optional feature which allows to mount and dismount your satellite without using any tools.

Any special requests? Feel free to let us know. We will find the best solution to meet your needs.

How to mount your satellite in the 3D MGSE?

3D MGSE - adapter configurations

We give you all the freedom you need! It does not matter whether your mechanical interface is a classic rail-like system or a ring. Take a look at the drawing which presents examples of how to mount your satellite (red areas represent places where mechanical interfaces can be installed):

  • Type A
  • Type B
  • Type C
  • Type D (opposite corners)
  • Type E (a rail-like interface)
  • Type F (a ring adapter on one side)

Note that we are not limited to the options presented above!

We will build an interchangeable adapter for you. Thus, one 3D MGSE can be used in various projects. Just replace the adapter and you are ready to go.

Freedom of choice – it’s a right, not a privilege!

Want to learn more?

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