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The space industry has never been so close

Space is not only “the” Space, the planets and the stars, but mainly businesses - here on Earth, dominated by the developed countries and enabling them to strengthen their position in the world. Space is also the technologies we use every day. And MURB Space is a company integrating technology, science and business. Together we can achieve a lot, and only your imagination is the limit.

What you need
what you get

It’s a great pleasure to welcome you on my business site. My name is Maciej Urbanowicz and I am the founder of MURB Space, a company dedicated to the space industry. My business motto is "What you need is what you get." Space is not only my passion, but also a way of life. For many years now, I have been working in what I really love. My professional interests include engineering and business projects.

The idea for MURB Space first appeared in 2010. It was during one of the many international conferences I attend that I had the opportunity to talk with industry experts for space in Europe and the world. Back then I did not have neither the knowledge nor experience to step firmly and confidently into the space business. However, it was already then when I set myself a goal to build my own space business based on passion and cooperation.

The next stage in the creation of the company was 2011. It was an amazing year in which I was awarded third prize in the international competition for student projects organized by the International Academy of Astronautics at the 8th IAA Symposium on Small Satellites for Earth Observation. In addition, I took part in the Space Studies Program at the International Space University. That year also saw the completion of the the PW-Sat satellite project, of which I had the enormous pleasure to be the coordinator, and where I also worked as a mechanical engineer.

These and other events and episodes meant that after five years - in 2016 - I decided to start my own company. It allows me to combine passion and the implementation of different projects in the field of space and also in industry.

Feel free to browse through my offer and contact me. I will be pleased to provide you with any information needed.



The 3D MGSE is a device created to both facilitate and shorten the assembly process, while satisfying the quality requirements. It allows you to mount and rotate the satellite. It shortens the procedure of manipulating the satellite when you perform manual activities, such as mounting the components inside the satellite and performing tests.

On the whole, the 3D MGSE provides new possibilities of improving production procedures for small satellite integrators. According to MURB Space, thanks to the device, the assembly time can be decreased by 60-80 %, depending on the complexity of the satellite design. The 3D MGSE is available for small satellites, whose form factor is in a range between 1U to 12U CubeSat, with other form factors available on request.

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What you need
is what you get

Business consulting

I offer business consultancy services in the field of the widely understood aerospace. I cooperate with manufacturers of components for small satellites. In addition, I have been active in the area of the use of satellite data and the creation of consortia in cooperation with the European Space Agency. My partners are located in Europe, North America and Asia.

Systems engineering

Systems engineering is an extremely interesting issue that requires adapting to even the harshest conditions. In many projects I have been dealing with finding interrelations and integrating different subsystems. Thanks to my general knowledge of mechanics and electronics I am able to find the adequate relations and - in cooperation with engineers – to integrate systems.


I am also a mechanical engineer. I tackle technical problems that require unorthodox approach and the use of non-obvious solutions. The experience and knowledge gained in space projects give me a huge range of possibilities in the creation of new facilities and devices and/or improving the existing ones. I work not only for the aerospace but also in other industries.

Research and development

There would be no innovation, if it weren’t for good ideas. And ideas are often born thanks to research and development projects. I offer engineering and business support in the implementation of R&D projects. I have experience and knowledge in the design of systems and devices. My partners include scientists affiliated with the best research centers in Poland and abroad.


Over the years I have built solid relationships with contractors in Poland. My partners have machine parks and skills necessary to create even the most complex devices. I offer intermediation in the production of mechanical components, including production quality control, logistics and technological support, both at the design stage and during technical consulting and production.


Apart from business and engineering, in the last years I have engaged in photography. It’s, again, a passion and a part of my professional activities. I offer photo sessions, both technical (photography of machine parks or photography for technical documentation), as well as artistic projects. Feel free to look at my photos in the Flickr gallery.


A bit of history

Over many years and while pursuing a large variety of projects, I managed to gain experience in aerospace and many other fields. One of the most important periods in my life were the engineering studies, when I had the chance to participate in important and engaging projects, including the construction of a vacuum chamber and the very first Polish satellite - PW-Sat. I also had the incredible opportunity to represent Poland during the most important industry events, like a session of the Committee of Peaceful Uses of Outer Space at the United Nations. I also managed the Polish branch of a company with foreign capital. Those and other experiences made me decide to start my own business.
More information about the projects I had carried out can be found on my private site.


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