The end of MURB Space

Dear space community,
Dear partners,
Dear customers,

It is Maciej from MURB Space. I would like to announce that MURB Space has reached its final frontier. After more than 5 years of providing services and products, the company has been closed down on 2021.05.31 (whereas it has been suspended on 2021.04.30).
I would like to emphasize how much I enjoyed working together with customers and partners over the years. I had a great opportunity and privilege to work with amazing people from around the world on various projects and tackle challenges which seemed to be impossible to win. But all of them were solved.
MURB Space has been operating as a fully commercial company. However, the last year – 2020 – was challenging and I had to make a decision – not an easy one – to close down MURB Space.
The IPs of all products stay with me, thus maybe at some time in the future, I’ll come back with even better solutions. If you’re interested in any products I offered, please contact me and I’ll redirect you to a company which has taken over the production and distribution of the products of MURB Space.

This website remains online and will be modified/replaced later.

Best wishes,
Maciej Urbanowicz