About MURB Space

MURB Space was established in 2016 by Maciej Urbanowicz. Since the very beginning, the company focuses on advisory and engineering services for customers from the space and IT industries.

Our approach

We believe that high quality services and products are the key to success. We always work for our customers as if we were doing the job for ourselves. Thus, we care about OUR project, because YOUR project becomes OURS, too.

Our motto is “What you need is what you get”. We tackle technical problems that require unorthodox approach and the use of non-obvious solutions.

Major achievements

MURB Space is a “‘child” of Maciej Urbanowicz. And his achievements and experience became MURB Space’s foundation.

Maciej’s successes:

  • Project manager and mechanical engineer at the Vacuum Chamber Project.
  • Mechanical engineer at the Sail Release Mechanism.
  • Development manager (sales) at the TS2 Satellite Technologies.
  • Mechanical engineer and project manager of the PW-Sat – the first Polish satellite.
  • Founder of the MURB Deorbitation System.
  • Systems Engineer at the ABM Space Education.
  • Proxy holder and operations manager of the SSBV Polska – a Dutch-headed company.
  • Co-founder and a consortium member of the Docking Impender project (funded by the European Space Agency).
  • Founder of the MURB Space.
  • Providing services to the Future Processing company: business development manager.
  • Founder of the original idea and then co-founder of the Intuition-1 satellite project.
  • Systems Engineer at the KP Labs in the Intuition-1 project.
  • Providing services to the Comarch company: project management and analyses: the Fixed Services in the Field Service Management; project management and analyses: the Performance Management and Service Quality Management.
  • Founder of the 3D MGSE.

MURB Space at a glance

The idea for MURB Space first appeared in 2010. It was during one of the many international conferences Maciej attended that he had the opportunity to talk with industry experts for space in Europe and the world. Back then he did not have neither the knowledge nor experience to step firmly and confidently into the space business. However, it was already then when he set himself a goal to build his own space business based on passion and cooperation. And there is one more thing: “MURB Space” was invented by Maciej when he attended the conference in Graz, Austria in 2010. It comes from the first letter of his name “M” and three letters of his surname “URB”.

The next stage in the creation of the company was 2011. It was an amazing year in which he was awarded third prize in the international competition for student projects organized by the International Academy of Astronautics at the 8th IAA Symposium on Small Satellites for Earth Observation.

In addition, he took part in the Space Studies Program at the International Space University. That year also saw the completion of the the PW-Sat satellite project, of which he had the enormous pleasure to be the coordinator, and where he also worked as a mechanical engineer.

These and other events and episodes meant that after five years – in 2016 – Maciej decided to start his own company. It allows him to combine passion for space and experience in engineering and mechanical projects.