We are pleased to tell you that we cooperate with many individuals, companies and institutions around the globe. We have also strategic partnership with our great partners:

Lean Systems

The company provides manufacturing services as well as supports us with their expertise in manufacturing technologies.



The company (Spacejunkies V.O.F.) provides the global marketplace for space where hundreds of companies from the entire world present their products dedicated to satellite industry.

Orbital Transports

Orbital Transports

Orbital Transports develops advanced technologies and solutions for space logistics and orbital infrastructure in order to support the long-term human settlement of the Solar System.

Where to find us?

We are listed in the largest and the most important databases and catalogs of suppliers and vendors in the small satellite industry:

Want to cooperate?

We are open for cooperation with individuals, companies and institutions. If you consider our company as your partner in your business, please get in touch. We will be happy to discuss possible cooperation.