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3D MGSE - introduction

The 3D MGSE, provided by MURB Space, is a device created to both facilitate and shorten the assembly process, while satisfying the quality requirements. It allows to mount and rotate the satellite when assembling it. It shortens the procedure of manipulating the satellite when an engineer performs manual activities, such as mounting the components inside the satellite.

The 3D MGSE can be used for assembly and testing of the satellite. It consists of:

  • the base plate which provides stability for the mounting platform,
  • the mounting platform which is a tower with the bearing-locking mechanism where the supporting frame is mounted,
  • the supporting frame which allows to rotate the satellite around the first axis.
  • The built-in bearings mechanism enables to rotate the satellite around the second axis. The satellite can be rotated around the third axis: this is performed by rotating the tower. In addition, the system is equipped with locking mechanisms (i.e. all the rotating components can be locked against accidental rotation) and is designed to accommodate additional equipment required by the customers.

    Finally, it can be extended with future upgrade kits (which will provide additional features, such us the angle measurement, the motors to rotate the satellite with defined angular velocities, etc.).

    Technical specification:

  • Available for CubeSats: 3U, 6U, 12U
  • Other sizes: please contact us
  • Degrees of Freedom: 3 (X, Y, Z)
  • Materials: stainless steel, aluminum alloy
  • Coating: anodized aluminum (optional)
  • Adapter: customizable
  • Total weight: ~35 kg
  • Dimensions: 418 mm x 418 mm x 558 mm
  • Maximum weight of a payload: 30 kg
  • How it works

    The product you get

    Your needs

    First of all, we need to discuss your needs. If you are about (or you’re already in the process) to assembly a small satellite, we are ready to help you. The 3D MGSE has been designed to support the assembly process of small satellites.

    You may ask: what kind of satellites does the 3D MGSE support? We’re happy to say: any size. However, we have analyzed the industry needs and it seems that CubeSats are the most popular at the moment. That’s why we have decided to develop a universal platform which supports CubeSats and can be adapted to your needs! So, no matter whether it is a 3U CubeSat, 6U or even 12U – all sizes are supported by our 3D MGSE.

    Size matters

    You may ask: ok, so how is it possible to handle such a wide variety of satellite sizes? The answer is: the 3D MGSE is built with the modules which can be tuned individually, because they are parametrized. The fundamental thing is that the 3D MGSE has a rotating table which lets you revolve a satellite around a vertical axis. And this table is shared for all the satellite sizes. And what do we do to let you install your satellite in the 3D MGSE? We design the adapter to suit your needs. So, any specific requirements of your project can be fulfilled in order to facilitate the assembly process.

    Needs vs. money

    You may wonder: ok, the 3D MGSE can be adjusted to my needs. But how much does it cost? The price is fixed (contact us to learn more about prices and availability) and it includes:

  • Design and development of the adapter
  • Tuning the 3D MGSE to support your satellite size (range: 3U – 12U)
  • Coating of the adapter according to your needs
  • 3D MGSE
  • User manual
  • Custom size

    If your satellite does not fit the CubeSat standards, we will help you as well. The 3D MGSE supports different sizes, too. Please, get in touch to discuss the design which fulfills your specific requirements.

    What is included?

    Design of the adapter

    We will design the adapter which meets your specific requirements. You deliver us the requirements, we prepare the design and send it to you for your approval.

    Development of the adapter

    We take care of the whole devlopment process. As soon as you have approved the adapter design, we begin to work on the manufacturing process. Our team manufactures the adapter and prepares it for the integration.

    Tuning the 3D MGSE to support your satellite size (range: 3U – 12U)

    We designed a platform which can handle different satellite sizes. However, if it's necessary to adapt the design to suit your specific needs, we do it.

    Coating of the adapter according to your needs

    If you need coating for the adapter, we can provide you this service, too. Usually we anodize the components with aluminum alloy. In this way, your adapter can be finished according to your needs.

    3D MGSE

    The package contains the 3D MGSE with your adapter. In a matter of days you will be able to put your satellite into it and begin a whole new level of experience!

    User manual

    We believe that the 3D MGSE is a very intuitive and easy to use device. However, if you have any doubts, you have the User Manual to help you. In case of any questions not covered in it, don't hesitate to get in touch. We are here to help!


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